Eate, Drink, & Live Right

My first introduction to health and wellness was through my youth sports days in Liberia, West Africa. I played Football, aka Soccer. I also had a bout with Football Americano throughout high school and college. In addition, I participated in wrestling, track & field, and weightlifting.


It was not until I got involved with bodybuilding, specifically, that I noticed the negative impact of the American “diet.” I found that the diet was not healthy enough to sustain a well -balanced lifestyle. It was the bodybuilding lifestyle that introduced to me a better alternative and healthier approach to living which I fell in love with. From there, I gleaned so much knowledge and awareness on proper eating and exercise safely. Ever since, I have vowed to live right, eat right, and drink right.  

Living Right:



Staying active help keeps me healthier. If staying accountable is challenging, form a meet up group with like minded individuals that will help keep you motivated and accountable. Just do it, you will be glad you did. Life is meant for the living so live right.  

Eating Right:


​I consider myself highly spiritual (awareness of self and self purpose) I denounce and want no part of murdering, harming of hue-man beings, and or any living creatures for profit and or for consumption purposes. Hurt no one, kill no one is my approach in life. I know the lack of love, greed for wealth, and the perversion of religion is ultimately causing problems all over the world. Those are some of the reasons, I am dedicated to go and stay on a journey that promotes life and not death. I have adapted an 80% Alkaline and 20% acidity lifestyle which provides the balance that I need to stay focused, encouraged, and conquer being good over evil. To learn more of that lifestyle, please visit www.

Drinking Right


At least 75% of the average human body is made of water. Coming across quality drinking water in these times is not easy to find. I actually love quality drinking water, so much  I drink up to at least 1 gallon a day. Drink up and stay hydrated with quality drinking water.

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